Member Spotlight: Fire Mountain Solar

Founded in 2001 in Mt. Vernon, Washington by Tim and Alana Nelson, Fire Mountain Solar provides renewable energy solutions and systems for residential and commercial clients in Washington State and around the United States. The company’s experienced team builds and installs a variety of off-grid, grid-tied and grid-tied with battery backup solar energy systems. In fact, when it came time for OutBack Power to install solar at its own Washington-based headquarters, Fire Mountain Solar’s know-how was the natural choice for the project given its vast experience and expertise with installing OutBack equipment for Grid/Hybrid solar power and 14 years’ experience with off-grid solar electricity.

In 2007, Fire Mountain Solar applied its expertise to its own firm by upgrading its headquarters’ off-grid solar and wind systems. Tim and Alana’s design built in power redundancy in case part of the system ever had to be taken offline; the team wanted to easily configure the equipment for continued electricity generation during maintenance. Since the Fire Mountain headquarters is connected to the PV system atop the Nelson’s home, they wanted to ensure their
renewable energy system acted as an exemplary part of Fire Mountain Solar’s showroom in addition to reliably powering their everyday
electrical loads.

In September 2013, Fire Mountain Solar rallied their off-grid neighborhood to raise the money to bring in the grid to supplement electrical power, as opposed to the expensive propane generators they were using in off-peak production hours and throughout the winter. They needed to make sure the new system maximized return from net metering and provided electricity in the event of a power outage.

At Fire Mountain Solar, we:

  • Believe in always doing the right thing just because it’s right.
  • Commit to doing everything we do in a thorough and responsible way.
  • Know it is a privilege and honor to be selected to assist our clients in fulfilling their specific power system goals.
  • Feel that serving and caring for our clients and our community is our real calling; providing power system solutions is just one of our opportunities to do that.
  • Regard authentic trust, mutual respect, and genuine cooperation as fundamental to the personal and professional success of all our team members and our clients.