Markus first joined the solar industry in 2010 with a degree in Sustainable Design. He spent 12 years progressing from installer, to project manager, sales/design consultant, and eventually director of sales and business development (general manager) of a well respected regional installer. In 2012 Solar Installers of WA (SIW) was formed to drive equitable access to clean energy in Washington State. Markus got involved with their policy work in 2014. He formalized his engagement with the organization in 2016 by being appointed officer of the board (Secretary). Through Markus’ leadership SIW diversified its membership to include all stakeholders in the solar/storage industry by rebranding the organization as the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA). This effort engaged a more well rounded coalition of industry professionals. In 2020 Markus was unanimously elected as President of WASEIA where he has since worked to lead the Washington Solar industry’s legislative/policy efforts. Markus brings a unique blend of technical expertise, policy insights, and deep industry knowledge to WASEIA and its stakeholders. Markus is passionate about fostering a balanced, fair, and affordable access to renewable energy. He values integrity and transparent business practices and he strongly believes that the Washington Solar industry is strongest when united. He is proud to be a member of a talented, forward-thinking, and passionate group of industry leaders.