WASEIA Code of Conduct

The Washington Solar Energy Industry Association (“WASEIA”) Code of Conduct (“Code”) sets forth requirements for all WASEIA member companies and their employees to assure that their conduct is consistent with laws, WASEIA policies and business ethics.

(PRINCIPLE 1) We follow all applicable laws and conduct business activities with integrity. We are honest in all that we do.

(PRINCIPLE 2) We comply with all applicable laws in order to ensure free and fair business activities and market competition. We are committed to the safety of all employees, visitors to our facilities and our neighbors. We comply with all laws for occupational health and safety. We strive for continuous improvement for safe and healthy environments at our workplaces.

(PRINCIPLE 3) We are committed to compliance with all environment-related laws. In all of our company’s activities, we strive to protect the environment.

(PRINCIPLE 4) We respect and value diversity. We do not tolerate physical violence or harassment of any kind. We protect the confidential personal information of all customers and employees.

(PRINCIPLE 5) We give due consideration to both the quality and safety of our products and services. We do not falsify, alter or distort results of product quality or analytical data.

(PRINCIPAL 6) We act to protect the interests of our clients and, in the case of business-to-business relationships, the consumers they serve.

[PRINCIPAL 7] WASEIA endorses the SEIA Solar Business Code and incorporates its terms as part of the code.