Consumer Protection - A Top Priority for WASEIA and It's Members

Over the past decade, Washington has experienced a rapid increase in solar adoption, especially among homeowners. As more people show interest, there has also been an increase in the number of marketing companies and installers moving into our state. While many trusted and reliable solar contractors work in Washington, a few (like in any other private industry) try to take advantage of customers who don’t know about fair pricing, financing details, and maintenance duties.

The Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA) is committed to helping consumers understand the solar sales and installation processes and what to look for in a solar installation company. WASEIA aims to give consumers the knowledge and power to make informed choices when picking a solar installation company and to push for stronger consumer protections in this field. With these goals in mind, here we provide some key tips and resources to help potential solar customers get the information they need for a successful buying experience.

WASEIA Members – the Best of the Best

WASEIA and its members are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for ethics and workmanship, as outlined in our Code of Conduct. Supporting legislation to protect consumers is merely one way we showcase our dedication.

When you choose one of our member companies, you can be fully assured of their expertise and integrity. Local solar installation businesses join WASEIA because they aim to establish themselves as trustworthy and skilled contractors who are deeply committed to their local community, thereby ensuring their ongoing success. WASEIA installer members are committed to doing solar the right way, for the benefit of valued customers like you.

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Washington's Solar Consumer Protection Law

On June 6, 2024, Washington’s Solar Consumer Protection Act went into effect.

Here’s what this means for you: Educational, honest, and transparent business practices to provide you with a sense of security and confidence when choosing solar energy.

What Does the Solar Consumer Protection Act Do?

Washington’s Solar Consumer Protection Act introduces new requirements that encourage transparent and fair business practices. Additionally, it facilitates an “apples to apples” comparison of competitive quotes and provides a clear explanation of your rights as a consumer. The legislation also grants increased authority to the Attorney General’s office to impose penalties on non-compliant companies.

Bill highlights that matter to you:

  1. Licensing Requirement: Entities selling, designing, or installing solar systems over $1,000 must be licensed.
  2. Transparent Contracts: Accurate and detailed representation of scope of work, costs, financing terms, warranties, and system performance projections in writing.
  3. Rescission Rights: Customers can cancel contracts within three days of signing without penalty.
  4. No Upfront Payments: Contractors can only charge payments after the rescission period ends.
  5. Interconnection Approval: Solar systems must be approved by the electric utility for compliance and safety before the installation begins.
  6. Enhanced Options for Recourse: If you encounter any problems with your solar project that your contractor fails to resolve to your satisfaction, the Washington Attorney General’s office is available to provide assistance and has been given increased authority to enforce the provisions of this law. 
For detailed information on marketing and contract requirements to help you compare quotes and protect your rights, read our Solar Contract Checklist for Consumers.