It's Time to
Stand Up For Solar
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Local solar is essential to Washington's energy strategy. We need the tools for the job.

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Local Solar is good for Washington.


Rooftop solar is one of the lowest cost pathways for Washington achieving 100% clean energy. Local clean energy improves reliability and reduces utility costs, resulting in lower energy bills for everyone.


Local solar reduces burden on the grid, freeing capacity on the transmission and distribution grid. And when paired with storage, it provides power during grid outages.


Rooftop solar, community solar, & energy storage are essential to modernizing the electric grid for building & transportation electrification.


Rooftop and community solar can reduce energy bills and when paired with batteries, store energy. It offers the choice of locally-produced energy vs. depending on far-away utility sources, such as dams, solar farms, and power plants.


Rooftop and community solar creates a stronger, more flexible electric grid that lessens demand on public and tribal lands, plus reduces view impact by focusing on the built environment.


Net metering and community solar programs can lower the energy burdens on low-income communities & deliver on environmental justice.

Step 1: Modernize Net Metering.

Net metering is a billing structure that allows for excess energy generated by solar installations to be credited back to the energy bill of the system owner, giving full benefit for all electricity produced throughout the year.

Ratepayers deserve fair compensation for the energy they produce.

Step 2: Enable Community Solar.

Community solar projects are solar arrays that benefit multiple, often dispersed customers. Conventionally, community solar programs empower ratepayers with the choice to enroll as subscribers to a project, which enables them to receive credits on their electricity bills based on their share of the project’s energy generation. Historically, only homeowners with access to net metering have been allowed to benefit from solar energy in Washington.

Without a statewide plan
most utilities are proposing rates that are less than retail rate net metering.

Expanded Net Metering Makes Solar Affordable for Homeowners & Businesses


In states without net metering, rooftop solar struggles.

Where there is net metering, rooftop solar thrives.

Thanks to the strong consumer demand, several Washington utilities have hit their net metering cap, and more will hit this cap soon. Now is the time for our lawmakers to Stand Up for Solar!

How is WASEIA Working on Behalf of Local Solar?

Step One: We are launching a grassroots effort to urge the state legislature to support expanded net metering in Washington.

Step Two: We support the creation of a broad stakeholder group that includes utilities, the solar industry, tribes, environmental groups, representatives from low income communities, and appropriate state entities to develop a fair and equitable compensation plan for a long-term energy solution for Washington.

Step Three: Supporting state-wide Community Solar legislation to make solar affordable and accessible for all.

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Local Solar is a Solution for our Energy Needs.