Gov. Inslee vetoes net metering work group budget proviso


The governor signed SB 5187, the state operating budget for the next biennium today, and it will not include an accelerated two-year plan to study the future of net metering and determine a successor rate.

WASEIA and other clean energy champions asked for the veto because the brief time frame envisioned was too small to perform such an important job properly.

What happens next? This essentially puts us back to square one in the Legislature. WASEIA’s policy team will continue to work over the interim to improve HB 1427, our net metering bill for the 2023 session. The prime sponsor, Rep. Sharlett Mena, and House leadership is on board with reintroducing the bill for the 2024 session. We will fight again in January.

Here’s the text of the governor’s veto message:

Section 132(20), pages 102-103, Department of Commerce and Utilities and Transportation Commission, Net Metering Work Group

This section directs the Department of Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission to convene a work group to study the future of net metering in Washington state.
Because funding was not provided to do this work, I have vetoed Section 132(20). However, Iam directing the department and the commission to request funding in the next budget to adequately support a work group for this purpose.

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