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The Washington State Legislature will be voting on the state’s upcoming budget any day now, which will have implications on the future of the solar industry in our state. Solar Installers of Washington continues to work with key legislators in the budget process and now it’s time they hear from YOU! This is your opportunity to make a difference and tell your elected officials that you support solar in Washington State, and that you want them to do the same.

In less than a decade, the cost of going solar has dropped dramatically, resulting in hundreds of thousands of new jobs and tens of gigawatts of solar power across the country. In Washington, we have seen our industry grow from just a handful of start-ups to dozens of thriving, family wage-paying businesses. This growth would not have been possible without state subsidies for solar, which are now ready to be revamped to better reflect today’s lower prices.

The latest draft of SHB 1912 would lower the amount of subsidy given to each solar system, and in turn significantly increase the amount of solar installed per state dollar. In other words, the state would get a bigger solar bang for its solar buck. At the same time, the new program would increase the availability of solar to more people, including low income individuals and businesses who lease their buildings. Again, more solar for more people for a lower cost.

As an industry that plans to be around for a long time, we believe solar will need to stand on its own without subsidies. Approving this program is the next step in gaining that independence. We all want clean, renewable energy and stable, good paying jobs in Washington. And solar energy is our best bet for achieving those goals.

Please contact your legislator today to show your support for solar in Washington. You may download the attached Solar Support Letter and email to your representative. Feel free to distribute a variation of your own letter as well. Please share with other solar supporters. Thank you!

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