SIW highlights benefits of proposed new solar program


The Washington State Legislature is reviewing the final details of a solar bill (PSHB 1912) which amends the current solar incentive program with the goal of keeping solar affordable for Washingtonians.

The new program would help more people afford solar in the following ways:

  • With declining incentive rates built-in, the new program would encourage installers and manufacturers to continue reducing their costs, thereby making solar more affordable as time goes on.
  • The program would also promote community solar with a specific focus on low-income households, making it possible for low-income individuals to realize the benefits of solar without having to pay for it.
  • And after much debate, the new program would allow third-party owned (i.e. leased) systems to access production incentives, making it possible for some people to go solar who aren’t able to purchase a system outright.
  • Finally, the new program would give all Washington residents more solar for a lower cost. This frees up tax money for other purposes while ensuring continued growth of our clean energy resources and their associated jobs.

Solar Installers of Washington has been and continues to be engaged with Olympia in this effort to ensure a healthy solar landscape in Washington.

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