Solar Installers of Washington endorses Initiative 1631


Solar Installers of Washington endorses Washington Ballot Initiative 1631, the Protect Washington Act. If passed in November, the Act would reduce pollution by investing in clean air, clean energy, such as wind and solar, clean water, healthy forests, and healthy communities. Investments would be funded by imposing a fee on large emitters based on their pollution related to the consumption of fossil fuels.

We support this pivotal effort to make Washington the first state in the U.S. to establish a carbon fee and investment fund to address climate change. The adverse impacts of carbon emissions on our health, water, forests, fisheries, agriculture, and infrastructure are intensifying with each year, threatening the well-being of current and future generations.

Solar and other renewable and efficient energy technologies are poised to replace the combustion of fossil fuels for electricity generation.  The transition to a clean energy economy will have tremendous economic and job growth benefits. If Initiative 1631 becomes law, SIW will work with the State and stakeholders to build effective programs for the equitable deployment of solar energy, and to provide career opportunities for workers displaced during the shift to clean energy.

Please sign in support of Initiative 1631 and vote “yes” on the initiative this November.

To learn more about the initiative visit

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