Substitute House Bill 1912 goes to Finance Committee


Substitute House Bill 1912 has made it out of the House Technology and Economic Development Committee and has been introduced in the Finance Committee.

If you are a constituent in a district with a representative on the Finance Committee, we encourage you to contact your legislator right away to remind them that you support solar. Links to each Finance Committee member and corresponding district below.

Feel free to use the following letter in your email or call to your rep. Thank you!

“Dear (your representative),

I am in support of SHB 1912; this bill will expand solar energy installations while reducing the annual cost to the state by:

  • Extending the expiration date and per-utility limit for a public utility tax (PUT) credit that funds the Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program (Cost Recovery Program).
  • Ending certain sales and use tax exemptions, as applied to solar equipment, at the end of 2015 instead of 2018 or 2020.
  • Modifying the Cost Recovery Program to provide lower base incentive rates, different bonus rates, and annual step-downs in the rates for newly certified systems.
  • Allowing renewable energy systems owned by third parties to receive the Cost Recovery Program incentive, and provides a regulatory framework for third- party owners.
  • Directing the Department of Ecology to develop recommendations for a solar module recycling program.
  • Requiring an independent consultant to prepare a two-phase “Smart Plan for a Smart Grid” study.

Please vote YES on 1912″

List of representatives on the Finance Committee:

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