2024 Legislative Priorities FAQ:


What is Net Metering? 

Net metering is a billing structure that allows for excess energy generated by solar installations to be credited back to the energy bill of the system owner, giving full benefit for all electricity produced throughout the year. Ratepayers deserve fair compensation for the energy they produce. 

Why is it important? 

Net metering makes solar affordable for home owners and businesses and allows for expansion. Thanks to the strong consumer demand, several Washington utilities have hit their net metering cap, and more will hit this cap soon. Net metering also builds flexibility into our energy grid. We need this resource to be fully utilized as Washington works to build out a clean energy grid.

Is Washington leading on clean energy? 

We are trailing other states and are a decade behind on the amount of net metering available as well as the size of project allowed to benefit from this important tool. Currently net metered solar deployment accounts for less than 1% of the state’s fuel grid make-up.

Net Metering Brings Equity and Fairness and Opportunity to our Energy Grid.

To date, net metering has not included solutions to support multi-family housing, renters and homeowners with roofs unsuitable for solar. Net Metering and Virtual Net metering provide a huge opportunity for Washington to capitalize on tax credits and other resources through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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